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Go for a walk. Connect with a child. Hang with a friend. Or do whatever you want now that your cleaning is taken care of. 

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NEW OFFERING - Bathrooms Only?

Sick of cleaning bathrooms? We do bathrooms only as well. Simply select 0 bedrooms and the number of bathrooms you want cleaned. Upon checking it in step 3, place the discount code, "1bath" for 1 bathroom to be cleaned and "2bath" for 2 bathrooms to be cleaned. 

What We Do

Tidy Up takes care of the mess so you can spend your time on what you value. We Tidy Up weekly, biweekly or whenever you need life to be a little more Tidy

Tidy Options

Constant Tidy

Happens weekly and includes basic cleaning tasks such as sanitizing kitchen and bathrooms, vacuuming and sweeping, and emptying wastebaskets. Plus a deep clean rotation so that your home always feels great.

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Tidy Up Biweekly

Includes the same services from the Constant Tidy option but on an every other week basis.                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Monthly Tidy

Monthly Tidy is perfect for that once a month Tidy. Includes the same services from the Constant Tidy but on a monthly basis.                                                                                                        

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